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Mar 4, 2014

What makes a successful leaflet distribution campaign?

As we mentioned in our previous post, leaflet distribution campaigns have been highlighted as one of the most effective means of communicating with customers. Statistics indicated a higher return on investment for those using door-drop campaigns to those using emails as a form of direct marketing. Due to this success, it is only right to assume that faster thinking marketing teams would have allocated a larger proportion of their corporate budget towards a leaflet campaign.

While companies contemplate implementing flyer distribution as part of their marketing strategy, it is very important to know the basic information about what makes a profitable campaign, as not all procedures will generate you profits. In this case, many non-experts will be asking the question: ‘so what really makes a successful leaflet distribution campaign?’


As advised by the marketing mix, the place covered by any marketing campaign is a paramount aspect in the end results. This essentially means you have to assess the areas where you can easily reach your target audience. For example, if you are targeting professionals, you could locate your distribution campaign in areas they particularly congregate in; like the commuting stations during rush hour or in the office area during lunchtime.


A successful leaflet campaign should take place at a time that is perfect for making an impact. If you are promoting your spring range of clothing, then it is important to deploy leaflets during the transition period from winter to spring, as the majority of shoppers will be thinking about refreshing their wardrobes during this time.


Customers encounter numerous product promotions on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to give them a reason to pay attention to your advertising. Leaflets have an advantage over many forms of advertisement, as they are tangible. In addition, complementing the leaflet with a voucher is usually the difference between a customer throwing the voucher in the bin instantly, or keeping it for future use. This makes incentive a fundamental part of leaflet campaigns.

Organising a leaflet campaign can be a very complicated procedure, as many aspects of design and marketing need to be incorporated to achieve great results. This is why companies like us at Direct Letterbox Marketing are available to help you create a results-bearing marketing campaign. We provide professional leaflet distribution services that encourage corporate success. Our services are available to clients across every industry, and if you need to make enquiry, please contact us on 08000286353.

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