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Mar 4, 2019

What is the Purpose of a Leaflet?

The purpose of advertising is the same across any platform. Whether it’s on the television, via a leaflet or on a billboard, the end goal is to gain custom for your product or service.

Some people will claim that leaflet advertising specifically is part of a marketing strategy, while others say it’s part of the selling tactics. Either way, the idea is still to get a recipient interested in what is on offer.


In the days of the internet and advanced technology, there will be arguments made that leaflets are an outdated method of promotion. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Why so? Let us explain:

Leaflets offer longevity

Studies have found that up to 79% of us keep ahold of a leaflet that comes through our door. While we may not always read it straight away, there’s still a good chance we will pick it up in the future. TV ads are a one-off in comparison. Plus, as 62% of us apparently take no notice of them, they aren’t a viable option for many companies, especially smaller businesses.

Leaflets can entice custom

Whether it’s a fast-food takeaway leaflet or one that is offering to build a conservatory, the idea is to entice the reader into wanting the product. While food menus may prompt an impulsive buy, it’s very unlikely that a leaflet offering a substantial project will do so. What it may do, however, is ‘plant the seed’.

We are always looking at ways to enhance our property or lifestyle. By sliding a leaflet through a letterbox, a company can bring a product to the forefront of the reader’s attention.

So, what exactly is the main purpose of a leaflet? They are used to:

  • Inform. A good leaflet will tell its recipient exactly what is offered from the service and provide crucial information in a small space. It will clearly state all the important information, including brand name, brand logo and contact details.
  • Persuade. A leaflet should entice its reader into buying the product or service on offer. As it’s a hard copy, this can be an impulse buy as well as a long-term prospect. Therefore, it’s an advertising method with real longevity.

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