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Feb 3, 2014

Large Scale Marketing: The Importance of market segmentation in leaflet distribution

Previously, we discussed the importance of dividing target audiences into smaller segments to facilitate effective leaflet distribution on a localised scale. We established how local companies can devise a successful customer mapping process with the idea of proceeding to national firms’ segmentation. Well this article is the follow up document, which features the significance of market segmentation for companies looking to target masses of people on a national scale.

Of course, this is a more complicated process but the techniques marketers suggest national companies adopt include the same aspect of market segmentation used by localised businesses. As a national company owner planning a leaflet campaign, it is fundamental to bear in mind that you are working with an essentially large audience that is scattered across the country and this complicates proceedings.

Here is a detailed description of how to identify your customer’s wants and needs on a national basis:

Geographic: National geographic segmentation essentially focuses on the people who in the country. It is important to understand the people in different regions of the country before deciding the areas to target. For example, some areas of the UK have higher populations of younger people than others or some have more pensioners than others. Depending on what you are selling, the first port of call for research would be the census to analyse such statistics and differences in areas.

Behavioural: Assessing buyer behaviour is quite favourable for large organisation as many other companies produce sources of secondary evidence. A recent example is the recession and buyer confidence. Many people suffered financially during the economic downturn and this led to many consumers less willing to spend. Therefore, if you are carrying out a leaflet-based campaign during such periods it is important to thoroughly assess how much demand there is for your services.

Demographic: At times, demography statistics can solely determine the success of your campaign. Companies should pay attention to age, gender, and socio-cultural groups to create a successful marketing strategy. For instance, a company advertising services aimed at middle-aged women will need to look at national population statistics to help them map their target areas. The income people earn is another decisive matter in terms of demography.

Psychographic: This is aspect of segmentation is probably the most complicated on a national scale. Consumer personality, lifestyles and attitudes are what you mainly analyse though psychographic segmentation. A good example is advertising food to go for those with busy lifestyles. You will essentially target young professionals in busy large cities who are constantly on the move and have little time preparing the food themselves.

All these aspects are just as important for national companies as they are for localised businesses when preparing to launch a flyer-based campaign. Besides observing the above aspects, you should also seek the help of experienced leaflet distributors like us at Direct Letterbox Marketing. We offer services as such including solus leaflet distribution services for many organisations in many industries. Make an enquiry with us for more information today on 0800 028 6353.

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