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Jan 31, 2014

Small Scale Marketing: The Importance of market segmentation in leaflet distribution

The process of market segmentation is a technique used by many organisations to target its products or communication to the right customers more efficiently. This technique is essentially used to help companies understand their customers better through identifying their needs and wants. This information is then used to address the specific requirements to maximise the efficiency of the services provided. This article is a two-part document that includes information on how to segment your market effectively, both locally and nationally when carrying out a leaflet based advertising campaign.

Localised leaflet campaigns simply means an organisation is targeting people within a specific and restricted area. Before deciding to carry out your leaflet distribution campaign, it is important to divide your customer segments using the four main categories that form the market segmentation technique:

Geographic: This simply refers to the place you are targeting. As a local company carrying out a leaflet campaign, you will essentially be targeting a restricted area. Therefore, it is important to ensure the people within this area will respond to the campaign. A good example is a low scale Manchester based restaurant distributing food offer leaflets in London; this will not work for them. However, targeting people within a certain radius, particularly high-density suburbs in Manchester will facilitate a results bearing campaign.

Psychographic: Purchasing decisions made based on this category are mainly due to lifestyle choices. People have different values and personalities that determine their attitude towards the products or marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is important to analyse and target based on what they want in life.

Demographic: Before devising a marketing strategy, it is important to make assess the area you are targeting in terms of age, gender, occupation and socio-economic group. For example, if you are carrying out a leaflet distribution campaign for a nightclubbing event, then it is fundamental to segment the area by demographic factors. In many cities, a common scenario would be distributing such leaflets in student residents rather than the expensive residential areas where the target audience is most likely a minority.

Behavioural: The way customers conduct themselves when purchasing products is very influential when planning localised marketing strategies. For instance, it is common that people in low-income residential areas will react quicker and in larger volumes to convenience store product offers than those residing in expensive areas where the much higher income earners live.

Careful analysis of all these factors is very important and helpful if you are to devise a successful leaflet campaign. In addition, it is vital to use the help of experienced leaflet delivery services like those we provide here at Direct Letterbox Marketing. We offer a fully comprehensive design and distribution service to assist you with achieving positive results and driving your company to localised prosperity.


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