Are Your Letterbox Flyers Flopping? Top 3 Flyer Design Mistakes

So, you’ve invested in using flyers for your marketing campaign. Congratulations! Leaflet marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing available!

But what’s this? You aren’t seeing any increase in interest in your company? Have you taken a deeper look into your leaflets design? One of the most common reasons why leaflet and flyer marketing campaigns fail lies in the design. Usually it’s pretty easy to tell which campaign is going to be a success, and which will flop… simply looking at the way it is designed.

At Direct Letterbox Marketing, we specialise in leaflet distribution, so it’s safe to say we are experts when it comes to spotting excellent marketing leaflets. Join us as we delve into the top 3 design mistakes that are made in order to avoid them and perfect your flyer design to reap the benefits of a successful leaflet campaign!

Too Much Information

When designing a flyer or promotional leaflet, you aren’t out to sell every single one of your products on this one leaflet. You are trying to entice people to invest in your product and service , not give them every detail of every product you have to offer.

If there’s too much text, you can be sure that your reader will feel overwhelmed just looking at it, even before reading the title. Keep your information short, snappy and make them want to find out more; which is where they will come to you directly, driving your customer service and sales!

Unprofessional Design

Although there are some excellent, free flyer design software options out there, it’s always best to hire a designer to tackle the layout and overall design of your leaflet. This is their area of expertise and will know how to effectively catch people’s eye with attractive colour schemes and images.

After all, you don’t want your flyer to be thrown in the bin straight away because it didn’t fit the overall theme for your company, or was designed in such a way that deterred your potential customers. An attractive flyer will reflect on the professionalism of your business!

No Calls to Action

The whole point of a leaflet campaign is to motivate your target audience to get up and take action. To do this, your leaflet must inspire them to want to contact you.

Include headlines which are attractive and aimed towards your target demographic. Simply saying “I’m a dog walker” isn’t enough to make your audience want to use your services. Instead, use headlines like “Socialise your Pooch with Our Professional Dog Walking Service”. State in a friendly, interesting way that to use your service, they will need to contact you for more information. Don’t sell yourself short with uninteresting titles with no calls to action from your audience.

Calls to action can also come in the form of vouchers or exclusive “with this flyer” deals. This is a more subtle way to get your audience to use your services without actively asking for them to. Enticing your customers with deals that only work when the leaflet is presented will require them to come to you and see your products for themselves, whilst being rewarded for their custom with the discount.

Leaflet marketing is one of the best ways to attract more customers and drive new sales, as well as promoting your business in an attractive, concise manner. With one of our previous posts reporting that letterbox marketing is here to stay, there’s no better time to add letterbox flyers and leaflets to your marketing strategy.

If you are looking to create a high quality letterbox marketing strategy and don’t know where to begin, let Letterbox Marketing step in and take the strain. As letterbox marketing specialists, we know how to effectively market your company and get the most out of your leaflet campaign. Want to know more? Contact us today on 0800 028 6353 for more information on how our services can help your company grow.

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