Love Your Letterbox: Is The Letterbox Marketing Industry Growing?

With the digital age taking so much of the marketing workload on board, it’s easy to believe that letterbox marketing is a trend of the past. With so many advertisements on our computer screens, our apps and all around us during our daily lives, who is going to want to look at a leaflet pushed through their door?

However, we’re here to tell you that letterbox marketing is far from becoming a useless form of marketing. As specialists in leaflet distribution, we believe that leaflet marketing is one of the most under-appreciated forms of marketing that can actually benefit companies.

Letterbox Love

Even though email marketing continues to grow in popularity, the Digital Marketing Association (DMA) have stated in their ‘From Letterbox to Inbox’ Survey in 2013 that snail mail is still an important form of communication.

newspaper mail

According to their survey, 90% of the participants couldn’t live without their letterbox, and 46% believed that a world without print would be worse than today.

In one demographic, the 18-34 year old age group, 20% believed that printed communication will never be completely replaced by digital communication, with just 9% of over 55’s believing the same.

Print Leads to a Digital response

The survey also reports that the top three actions that people take when receiving print marketing that they are actually interested in are as follows:

–          44% of people actually visit the brand’s website

–          34% search for the products online

–          26% keep the marketing for future reference.

This shows that direct mail marketing still has the potential to create online sales, with a pretty decent percentage of people actively visiting the brand’s website. Obviously, the marketing must be targeted at the right audience and be well marketed.

Put Your Trust in Print

A staggering 56% of people taking part in the survey reported that they thought printed marketing was the most trustworthy of all communication channels. This is astounding, especially as the digital takeover seems to have been so  successful .

Pile Of Mail On Doormat

Furthermore, 33% of participants reported that they would take a negative view of a brand who didn’t offer any form of printed marketing or communication.

Getting a Direct Response

Having something delivered pretty much directly into your hands tends to make you sit up and take action. With 79% of consumers reported to reacting immediately to direct mail, there’s no better way to target your audience and get them coming to you than putting your marketing into their hands directly.

With more than two thirds of consumers keeping hold of their mail, there is a high chance that your marketing campaign will be kept too, especially if you have marketed your campaign well and are targeting the right demographic.

Letter in the mailbox

17% of people have said that they keep items of mail that are of interest to them, so make sure you are able to affectively draw in your audience. Who knows, sometime in the near future, that one letterbox leaflet could convert into a sale, or better still, more recognition for your company through word of mouth.

This report just goes to show that the public aren’t ready to give up on their letterboxes just yet. It is also reassuring to know that there are people out there who will take your letterbox campaign seriously, and that snail mail hasn’t come to a complete stop just yet.

If you are looking to create an effective, high quality marketing campaign, Direct Letterbox Marketing is here to help you. As specialists in all things letterbox marketing, you can be sure that your marketing campaign is in safe hands with us. For more information on any of our services, contact us by calling 0800 028 6353 today and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.


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