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Jul 16, 2014

7 Top Benefits of Letterbox Advertising

The traditional forms of advertising have frequently begun to be utilised less and less over the years, but that’s not the case with letterbox advertising.

The practice of leaflet distribution has endured for such a long time because it has a lot to offer businesses. Even advances in modern technology haven’t succeeded in relegating leaflets to the realms of more obsolete mediums, and here are 7 fundamental reasons why we believe that they have proved to be so useful for so long.


  1. Leaflet distribution can be periodically and easily maintained to build up brand recognition over a long period of time. Of course, a single delivery will get your brand name into the public eye, but repetitions will really help to establish your profile, and are not difficult or expensive to carry out.
  2. Because leaflet delivery tactics mean the delivering of leaflets straight to a home premise, there are ample opportunities for demographic profiling. This means you can easily target a campaign to reach the audience who will be most responsive to your efforts.
  3. Letterbox advertising does not have to be strongly personalised. This reduces costs which can grow increasingly high when you begin to deal in more ‘personalised’ forms of advertising.
  4. On top of this latter point, a lack of personalisation cuts down on your chances of getting details wrong, as you’ll only have one format to proofread, rather than many subtle variations that are liable to give rise to errors.
  5. Flyers don’t have to be unduly fancy. People respond well to bright colours and imagery, but that doesn’t mean every inch of a flyer has to be covered in complex artwork. This means that you can save on costs in yet another area.
  6. A leaflet distributor can deliver all of your flyers and leaflets for you, meaning that you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business, rather than having to conduct all of your advertising methods yourself.
  7. Leaflets are adaptable. We’ve already indicated that leaflets are inexpensive, and this means that you can easily and swiftly alter the design or angle of a leaflet if you find that it’s not achieving the results you want. If you were using a more expensive form of advertising, you’d be less likely to implement major changes in this way.


Seven might be renowned as ‘the perfect number’, but you can be sure that there are many more reasons to pursue a leaflet distribution strategy than the few we’ve chosen to list.

If you find yourself convinced about the viability of leaflet distribution, then be sure to get in touch with the Direct Letterbox Marketing team, as we’re one of the industry leading services when it comes to achieving real results.

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