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Jun 21, 2013

What Is Demographic Profiling?

In the past, business advertising was a lot less specific, taking more of a scattergun approach. There were fewer concerns whether a customer belonged to the appropriate target group for that particular product. While there was the possibility that somebody might take up a product advertised via this method, this was by no means typical behaviour. Businesses were spending money, time and resources without being confident of success.

So what exactly is a demographic profile? To put it in the simplest possible terms, it’s a segment of the market as determined by such factors as age, gender, income, ethnicity and location. The information can be gathered by a range of techniques, such as surveys or sophisticated software. By employing it carefully a business can be sure that a customer is the right audience for their product.

Demographic profiling has long been a major factor in the media and entertainment industry. TV programmes are calculated to appeal to certain demographics, usually divided along age and gender lines. Young men in the 16 to 34 bracket are considered a particularly tricky audience, for example, but they’re also one of the most profitable, meaning broadcasting stations go out of their way to capture their interest.

As the number of available channels increase and the viewing platforms change over time- nearly 60% of young women are estimated to have broadband access; the techniques used will likewise develop and alter. Printed press has even more stringent guidelines, generally worked out according to earning potential. High earning women are estimated to read more ‘glossies’- magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Hello!– while their younger equivalents are said to prefer gossip magazines such as Heat. This way companies can see which magazines will be seen by their target demographic, letting them know where to place advertisements, competitions etc.

Direct Letterbox Marketing’s in house demographic profiling service uses cutting edge technology, making the results as clear and effective as possible. You need never worry about wasting your money, time or product; it’s by far the most accurate way to advertise.  If you want to see what else they can do for your business, take a look at their other services.


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