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Jul 27, 2015

Why Taglines and Advertisement Slogans Are Important in Branding

When carefully thought of and constructed properly, a tagline or advertisement slogan can have a lot of benefits for your business and branding. It reinforces your ideas and allows your audience to connect with your message. They have become an extremely important part of marketing, and have helped make a lot of businesses more successful. In fact, a lot of businesses are recognised by their taglines and it’s this tagline that their standing in the market is influenced by.

Whether you’re a big or small company, a well thought out tagline or slogan can really make or break your business. Do you have one in place? Or are you still unsure whether it will benefit your company? Here at just some of the reasons for why taglines and slogans are so important in branding.

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Sets You Apart From the Competition

It’s very likely that your company is going to be selling something that is extremely similar to another business, and therefore you will both be competing in the market for the same customers. If want to differentiate your brand from the others, the best thing you can do is create a memorable and authoritative tagline. This will set you apart from competitors, and therefore make people remember you over anyone else.

An example of this would be Nike. There are a number of different companies who sell the same products as Nike, but their effective and unforgettable tagline ‘Just Do It’ is what sets them apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

Gives Information About Your Business

A tagline is responsible for giving information about the key benefits of the product or service that you are selling. This means that customers are aware of what you are offering and how your product or service is different from those who may be offering the same thing. You can think of your tagline as being like a sales person – constantly selling your services and highlighting their importance.

It provides people with a picture of what you do by capturing the thing that makes you different to anyone else. Customers want to do business with people like them, and therefore when they look at your company, they want to know exactly what you stand for.


Reinforces Your Brand Identity

When people see or hear your tagline, they are getting a consistent message from your brand. This is constantly reinforcing that you have a unique selling proposition, something that is likely to stick in the minds of potential customers. This will also prompt them to view your business as someone who they can trust and value; as it shows them that you take it seriously.

Customers will also be able to recognise your brand even when it isn’t together, such as your tagline by itself. If you think about McDonald’s tagline “I’m loving it” – you don’t actually need to see the name McDonalds to know that it’s that which is being advertised.

Direct Letterbox Marketing understands the importance of brilliant branding and getting your business out there and noticed. This is the reason why we specialise in affordable and impactful marketing strategies; most specifically leaflet distribution and leaflet delivery.

If you want more information on how you can engage with customers in their own home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We have a team of dedicated and experienced staff who will be happy to get you started on your successful leaflet campaign. You can give us a quick call on 0800 028 6353.

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