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May 18, 2015

Why Leaflets Have Stood the Test of Time

Leaflets have been a trusty marketing technique for a very long time, and are still widely used by a variety of different businesses all over the world.

But how have leaflets survived despite competition from the rise of technology and paperless methods? Well, here at Direct Letterbox we know how effective leaflet delivery can be, and here we are going to show you why the trusty leaflet has been able to stand the test of time.

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Just as books have survived e-readers, leaflets are still superior to paperless methods of marketing due to their tangibility. People are desensitised to virtual marketing as they are just simply holding a phone, tablet or laptop. However, when they are holding a leaflet, they can become captivated by the feel and look of a leaflet, and will take the time to read all of the information inside rather than simply skimming text on a screen.


Although technology can be very creative, when it comes to working with paper the possibilities are unlimited. Leaflets give business owners the freedom to create exactly what they want, and they can use tools such as 3-D pop ups, changes in texture and format that simply would not be possible when working with the limitations of paperless advertising.


Believe it or not, leaflets are far more convenient for your customers and clients than technological marketing tools. For example, if you have your contact details on your leaflet, your clients can attach it to the fridge or place it near their phone so they can contact you easily, getting rid of the need for them to look up your details online alongside your major competitors.



Leaflets will never crash or fail to download, and will never depend on internet connection or electricity. You won’t have to constantly check to see if a leaflet is working or if there is an error, and your clients won’t need any software to access them. No matter what, you can always rely on a leaflet for effective marketing.

As you can see, there’s a reason why leaflets have managed to stand the test of time, and if you are considering how to make your marketing campaign as affective as possible, Direct Letterbox Marketing can help. As specialists in leaflet distribution, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your leaflets when working with us. For more information, contact us today by calling 0800 028 6353.

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