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Lucy Scott

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Jan 18, 2019

What makes the perfect leaflet design?

An attractive leaflet with a good message will give you credibility and help promote your business. Most companies will automatically assume that a leaflet has to be A5, with printing the possibilities can be endless and sizes can adapted to fit your message.

When creating a leaflet, it must grab people’s attention and invoke their initial curiosity! This Can be done with a question, bold headlines, imagery, colours or the effective use of white space. Make them interact with the leaflet and gauge the interest of your target audience. Try to avoid a text heavy leaflet or to many images that aren’t relevant to the advert, this will make the potential customer lose interest and prevent them from looking at the leaflet for a second time.

Always use both sides of the flyer, keep the front page for grabbing the attention of the target audience and gauging their interest and leave the back page to convince your potential customer that what you are offering is of interest to them and they should keep the leaflet. The last thing to consider is getting the client to take action! Drive them into taking action with an offer or incentive to visit a website, social media site or to call for more information.

If you are stuck for ideas or simply lack the time to create an advert! Then DLM creative have experienced graphic designers in place to turn your brief into the most eye-catching leaflet.

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