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Mar 14, 2014

Turn Back to Traditional Marketing Methods for More Trust

According to a new study by Forrester, and commissioned by Silverpop, 62% of surveyed businesses avoid behavioural marketing as it is perceived to breach privacy. Behavioural marketing is the practice of tracking potential consumers’ habits on the internet using cookies, and then tailoring the adverts and search engine results to reflect the users’ activity.

The majority of respondents from the survey were unclear about the benefits of behavioural marketing, which usually tailors online adverts and marketing material based on browsing activity. 57% of respondents believed that behavioural marketing could lead to a 10% improvement in customer satisfaction, and 58% anticipated a 10% improvement on ROMI. However, the vast majority of the 151 selected marketers admitted to being amateur practitioners of behavioural techniques, so their outcome predictions could be wrong.

Lori Wizdo, principal analyst at Forrester, says that prospective customers expect personal, relevant and timely communications. This means that, although behavioural marketing is based on data gathered by tracking devices, it doesn’t mean that consumers appreciate being shown things they may have already bought. Wizdo says that: “Marketers need to constantly and automatically evolve their programs based on how their buyers react to their marketing messages. Behavioural marketing is no longer an option — it’s table stakes.”

The survey found that 78% of the respondents hadn’t taken up behavioural practices because they were limited by the marketing technology they had access to. The development and implementation of the technology was expensive. Most interestingly, 62 per cent agreed with the statement ‘we avoid behavioural marketing because of our customers’ privacy concerns’. Consumers are uncomfortable with the fact that their browsing activity is tracked and analysed, as this means their activity isn’t private.

This survey from a leading digital marketing provider shows that some forms of internet marketing may fail due to unpopularity with consumers. Such methods of communication are quickly losing trust among consumers, due to reasons like the customer failing to recall giving away their details for future contact with businesses. Many companies are aware of this, and are already reverting to traditional forms of marketing like leaflet distribution, which we offer here at Direct Letterbox Marketing.

Statistics released recently indicate that leaflet distribution has higher return on investment when compared to internet marketing; such as personal selling through emails. If you are a company wishing to enjoy the benefits of leaflet distribution, the highly skilled advisors here at Direct Letterbox Marketing will be available to give you detailed guidance about our services. Contact us today on 08000286353 to find out more.

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