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Jul 10, 2014

Tour de France Leaflets Used to Boost Business

The Tour de France is one of the biggest and most exciting sports events in the annual calendar, and it’s naturally been even more of a viewing priority for UK residents this year, with part of the iconic course being held on our very own shores.

Of course, the Tour de France hardly needs any introduction, and so attempts to publicise the event have been largely unneeded; many people were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the competitors months before the event even started, and now the first miles have been ridden in earnest even more coverage is accessible to all.

However, leaflet distribution has actually played a large part in the build-up and early days of the Tour, but perhaps not quite in the way that you might think!

Leaflet Campaigns…

Saffron Walden was the town which welcomed both the Tour riders and their onlookers, and according to the Cambridge News website the local council seized the opportunity to conduct a robust leaflet distribution campaign to interact with the crowds.

Designed to raise business and footfall within Saffron Walden (the leaflet contains historical information, details of useful local businesses and other tourist locations and advice), the leaflet has served as an integral part of a major initiative to capitalise of the excitement of the Tour de France.

 …and more

It’s not only organised leaflet distributions from town authorities that have been carried out in the build-up to the Tour either, as many visitors to the locations where the Tour is being held have also engaged in some leaflet delivery themselves.

Eager to see the Tour first-hand, many tourists have distributed leaflets to residents in the host areas, propositioning them about the possibility of hiring front gardens as viewing platforms. It may not count as ‘marketing’, but it clearly shows that the practice of leaflet distribution is one of the most fundamental methods of communication around.

Leaflets as Marketing

The Tour de France has unexpectedly showcased the efficiency of leaflet delivery in numerous ways, not least when it comes to boosting the profile of local businesses, and it’s fair to say that you can use this method in your own marketing schemes to great effect too.

Leaflet distributors have been engaging with target audiences for decades, and few other marketing techniques are so flexible and are able to be tailored to exactly the sort of demographic profile that you require. Leaflet distribution is also comparatively cheap, so if you’re not using it within your marketing then you’re really missing out.

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