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Jul 3, 2014

The Most Common Mistakes Made in Marketing

Every business aims to lead with a strong marketing campaign in order to become leaders in their industry. Behind every good company should be a good marketing strategy, and without one, a company may be less likely to succeed.

Marketing strategies can take many different forms, yet the most popular and commonly used is leaflet distribution. By distributing your product through delivery advertisement, you are reaching a larger audience and can target a particular consumer group. However, if the wrong marketing plan is created or mistakes are made, a business can be headed towards failure before it’s even begun.

Here are a few of the most common marketing errors and how to avoid them.

No Focus or Positioning

Don’t market to build up the company, but use marketing in order to attain immediate feedback from the consumer. Improper focus and market positioning can be easily avoided when the appropriate feedback from consumers is utilised.

Lack of focus on consumer need

Before even making a marketing plan, be sure you really know your potential customers needs and wants. Very few businesses are 100% aware of what their customers expect and need from them, and a secret in order to succeed is finding a need you can meet, and meeting that need better than any other competitor.

Failing to achieve repeat custom

Statistics show that nearly 80% of your business comes from existing customers, and only 20% from new ones. Failing to resell your product to a high standard can have negative effects on profit, reputation and company profile. It will also cost you nearly 5 times the expense to sell to a new customer rather than an existing one.

Lack of research

Before putting a product or service into manufacture, a great deal of market research should be carried out in order to determine the potential performance of marketing efforts and level of potential customer interest. Always make sure you request feedback from customers and test various offers, pricing and packages to market your product effectively.

Marketing without a USP

All company profiles will rely upon a unique selling point in order to succeed. It is the one thing that will set you out amongst the competition, and needs to be unique and real. A USP should be used in every marketing material and is often the foundation to your business values. Don’t start marketing without it!


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