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Jan 12, 2015

The Importance of Taglines: Say It with Words

Quick – think of an advertising tagline! Any one will do.


What did you think of? Was it Nike’s ‘Just Do It’? Or the Colonel’s ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’? Or ‘I’m Lovin’ It’? ‘A Diamond is Forever?’ ‘The Best a Man Can Get’?

Now, without searching online, can you remember the Lloyds Bank slogan? Probably not. One of the worst aspects of modern marketing has been a reliance on taglines and slogans that really don’t mean anything. They don’t stick in the mind; they don’t tell the customer what they offer. So how do you create a powerful tagline for your company?


Five Second Rule (Again)

In our last blog we explained that you only have five seconds to impress someone visiting your website. Well, that’s pretty much the same for taglines. You have limited time to create maximum impact. Short words. Snappy sentences. That does the trick. (‘That does the trick’ would make a perfect company tagline, for that matter)


Tell Us Who You Are

The tagline is all about your company, it encompasses your entire brand.  It’s much like other forms of branding, like mascots, in that is stays with your company for a long time. Like the now-classic John Lewis tag, ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ – which means they won’t be beaten on price. Your tagline isn’t to be confused with the slogan, which is product-orientated, and can vary depending on the product you’re selling and your target audience.


Don’t Be Cool, Be Clear

How will your company make the customer’s life more awesome? What are the benefits of using you over a competitor? What is it that you do that’s so much better than the rest? Don’t try to be too clever, just try to tell your customers what it is you do. And be positive about it. After all, whatever service or product you’re selling is gonna be great, right? So avoid negative words and highlight the good stuff!

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