The Importance of Online: A Site for Sore Eyes

These days we all know that the only way to really market your company is a well-planned, well-designed combo of advertising. From direct marketing such as leaflets and pull-outs, to web-based advertising, it’s crucial to embrace all forms of marketing to really get your voice heard.


One of the first stops any potential customer is going to make is to your website, right? After all, that’s what’s printed on all those leaflets you’ve had distributed, it’s what’s written on all your literature, and hey, in the digital age, it’s just the go-to. Hard to believe, then that some people still don’t appreciate the vital nature of an awesome website. So what makes a good site? Let’s take a butcher’s, starting with…


Five Second Hook

When a visitor to your website comes along, you have about five seconds to tell them precisely what you do, why you’re good at it, and impress them overall. It’s not a lot of time to grab their attention, so make sure all of the above is front and centre of your website. A good tip is to make use of visual hierarchy – that means putting the most important info where you know people will look. Generally we read sites from left to the right, top to bottom. So the most important space on your site is top left corner. Use it wisely. Your time starts now…


Keep It Clean

Goofy, multi-coloured websites with scrolling text and a ton of pictures all on a single page is so 1995. Know one of the reasons why Google is so respected? Their site is the height of simplicity. It’s not cluttered with images and unreadable text on rainbow backgrounds. Your website should do the same. We’re not saying copy Google wholesale – that’d be daft – but take inspiration from their clean and simple design.

Go Mobile

One factor many companies don’t take into account is the rise in mobile and tablet browsing. Browsing on the go is fast becoming the main way people check out websites and make purchases. Customers won’t want to pinch and zoom in order to read your website. So make life easier for them by optimising a mobile version of your site. That also means making sure everything on there is short and rapid-fire, from the contact form to the checkout procedure. A few taps of the touchscreen should be all it takes for anyone navigating your site.


Here at Direct Letterbox Marketing, we appreciate that every aspect of marketing is far more beneficial than simply focussing on a single form. That’s why we specialise in printing services and distribution of your direct marketing. If you’re in need of a professional leaflet distributor, we’ve got you covered. For more information, please contact us on 0800 028 6353 or email and our team will be more than happy to help.

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