The Importance of Images: Speaking a Thousand Words

Ok, so we’ve covered fonts, copy and typography – so we’re well on the way to creating the perfect leaflet, right? And today we’re going to look at images.

This might seem like an easy pick, right? I mean, that’s what the Internet was made for, wasn’t it? To just Google Image ‘butcher’, or whatever profession you’re in, and choose the best one. Well, hold your horses a while, Snap-Happy. There’s more to choosing images than just them looking pretty. Here’s what you’ll need to bear in mind…

Right Copyright

Got a few thousand pounds just burning a hole in your pocket? Awesome. In which case, go ahead and choose any ‘butcher’ image on Google. And then just wait until the lawyers send their usual polite requests to cease and desist. Coupled with a claim for damages. Ok, we know you’re not going to do that – you’re a smart businessman or woman, after all. But you’d be surprised how many smaller companies do forget about copyright infringement. Getty Images have had tons of bad press over sending out Settlement Demand Letters which order those using copyrighted images to stop – immediately – and pay up. Sure, the legalities of this are in question, but still…

Opting for the Obvious

If you’re going to use web-sourced images, make sure you change the search terms to ‘labelled for reuse’. These are, usually, copyright-free photos. The real danger here is choosing a really stale image, either one we’ve all seem a hundred times before, or one that looks like a Windows 95 Clip Art pic. Like this…

Look Professional

All right, how about your own photos? Y’know, businessman at desk, chatting to clients, that sort of thing. With smartphone cameras now rivalling even some of the best cameras on the market it can seem tempting to take them yourself. And that could work, for the right sort of photograph. After all they do come across as homely and friendly in a Ma and Pa Kent kinda way. But it might not necessarily be the sort of message you’re looking to send out. If you want your own photographs for your direct letterbox marketing, definitely consider getting in a pro photographer – their snaps will be high-quality, not pixelated, and the lighting will be bang on. And likewise for drawings, hiring a professional artist will elevate your company above the rest.

Choosing the right image for your leaflets is crucial, particularly on direct letterbox marketing that’s not so heavy on the copy. Being visual creatures, it’s usually the first thing a potential customer is going to notice – and the first thing they’ll base their impressions of your company on. That’s why it’s so important to choose professional images that really sum up your company in a single shot.

Still looking for a hand to get your message to the right people? Here at Direct Letterbox Marketing we offer premium printing services, demographic profiling, and leaflet distribution. So if you’re looking for a friendly, professional leaflet distributor for your direct letterbox marketing, we can help. Simply contact us on 0800 028 6353 or email

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