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Dec 19, 2014

The Importance of Brand Mascots: Putting a Face to the Name

Quick question – who is Nintendo’s mascot? Mario, the moustachioed plumber from Brooklyn. Instantly recognisable, even those who’ve never played a video game in their lives know precisely who he is. What about McDonalds? Everyone knows it’s Ronald McDonald, whether you choose to eat there or not. Or Mr. Muscle cleaning products? Ok, that’s too easy.

Having a recognisable mascot which can be put on all forms of marketing – be it on the delivery van, the website or your direct marketing – can make the difference between getting noticed and getting lost in a sea of competitors. Basically a mascot can be used to help customers identify your company and tell them what you are or sell. They also help foster a relationship between customer and company.

A good mascot should be simple, yet unique. There needs to be a clear personality behind it, and that personality should wholly reflect your company. If you’re a rebellious, cool company, then the customer should know that simply by looking at your mascot. If you’re professional.

Consider the old mascots for Bradford and Bingley bank. Two chaps in bowler hats – what does that say? Safe, reliable, experienced, which is precisely what we want when it comes to looking after our money. It’s that sort of clear message you’ll want to send out to customers, about what sort of company you are.

There are pitfalls, too. For instance, think about the mascots for the London 2012 Olympics – if you can even remember what they looked like. Mandeville and Wenlock were mono-ocular, soulless monstrosities which didn’t bring to mind the spirit of the Olympics. They were simple and unique, sure, but they weren’t friendly or approachable, or gave a message of hope, unity and sportsmanship.

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