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Mar 18, 2014

The Connection Between Leaflet Distribution and the Promotional Mix

The promotional mix is a concept that uses a variety of push factors to get a business brand noticed by their target audience. Commonly confused with the marketing mix, the promotional mix takes the promotion aspect of the marketing mix and delves into different avenues of communication; businesses can then follow these to trigger an increase in sales volumes. There are many testimonies that indicate the promotional mix is a fundamental part of the marketing strategy, and this is why many business people always implement this philosophy into their activities.

As marketing experts, we at Direct Letterbox Marketing are very familiar with the promotional mix, and we understand there is a direct link between this concept and a successful leaflet distribution campaign. The promotional mix consists of five main aspects, and throughout this article we shall be discussing the apparent links between the popular strategy of leaflet distribution and each aspect of the mix.

Advertising: Experts define advertising as a non-personal form of promotion using an identified sponsor to persuade people to buy their products or services. Since advertising can be through a magazine, newspaper and other forms of media, you can use leaflet distribution to target a mass audience through a non-personal flyer.

Personal Selling: This is the act of oral communication between the seller and a prospective buyer. This form of promotion can be either through a telephone or face to face. Coupling personal selling with a leaflet campaign can reinforce the likelihood of a sale. For instance, persuading prospects to buy a product and presenting them with vouchers for a discount draws them closer to purchase.

Sales Promotion: Business people occasionally employ short term promotional procedures, such as product offers, to stimulate sales volumes over a short and limited timescale. The popularity of complementing sales promotions with leaflet campaigns is fast increasing, as more business people seek effective measures of raising awareness about their offers.

Public Relations: Strengthening the brand-customer relationship has always been a point of discussion within many organisations. Companies tend to release positive press about their brand to boost brand image and loyalty. You can use personalised leaflets to show clients how much they are valued by the brand.

Direct Marketing: This is essentially what leaflet distribution is. Modern means of direct marketing, including texting and emailing, have fallen out of favour among customers recently as they often prefer traditional methods; which is why leaflet distribution is becoming increasingly popular.

The presence of these links shows that leaflet distribution is the future of marketing for businesses. Furthermore, flyer campaigns have displayed impressive resilience as they have managed to overcome competition from modern marketing. Many companies are using leaflet distribution to ensure future success, so it is important to avoid being left behind. Make an enquiry regarding these beneficial services with us at Direct Letterbox Marketing today.

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