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Jul 22, 2014

The Art of Persuasion

Here at Direct Letterbox Marketing, we are dedicated to design and are passionate about providing productive print and leaflet distribution services.

Ultimately, your leaflets should achieve three objectives; attracting the readers’ attention, generating interest in your product or service, and prompting the reader into action.

It’s important to engage the potential client quickly, which can be done effectively by employing a range of persuasive writing techniques.

The Classics: Ethos, Logos and Pathos


Greek philosopher Aristotle expressed that by appealing to credibility, writers can make their claims more believable. This technique is called ethos and can be achieved by writing with clarity.

Make sure any text on your leaflet is written fluently!


To achieve logos, writers must appeal to logic. A successful appeal to logos requires tangible evidence, which can take the form of a quote or statistic. This way, the writer will appeal to the rationality of the audience.

Ensure that the claims on your leaflet are backed up with a positive quote from a credible source, or include a statistic that people will find impressive and substantial.


Pathos is an appeal to the emotions.  Make a pathetic appeal by addressing your audience’s sense of identity, their self-interest, and their emotions. Gently massage people’s egos – flattery will get you everywhere!


Persuasive Strategies

  • Facts and figures appeal to most people and can be utilised in a way that is extremely persuasive, so make them work in your business’s favour!


  • Ask questions. This invites the reader to make an instantaneous engagement and captures attention almost immediately. Rhetorical questions appeal to readers’ emotions making them more involved in your persuasive argument.


  • Take an argument which could be used against your business or service and explain why it isn’t a problem. This ensures potential clients that you have all your bases covered, so to speak.


  • Use emotive vocabulary, adjectives, adverbs and alliteration, rather than generic words and phrases. Phrases with alliteration tend to stick in people’s minds, making your advertising more memorable.


Of course, a persuasive argument is wasted without an effective distribution service. Here at Direct Letterbox, we provide high quality leaflet distribution services. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us to request a free quote today! 

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