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Feb 7, 2014

The all-important characteristics of targeted marketing

The development of technology has led to the simplicity of marketing as a whole, with targeted marketing being a specific beneficiary of the outcomes. For instance, it is common that people disclose significant personal information on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, making it much easier for marketers to segment their target audiences. Many individuals display data like occupations, age, gender and location therefore companies can use these networks as customer databases.

Once a company has successfully identified its target market it can then look to pin point the exact people who form the core of the potential buyers from the narrowed down search. This is essentially targeted marketing. Leaflet distribution is a form of targeted marketing that has become a popular practise among modern businesses due to its precision characteristics that offer numerous recognisable and impact bearing advantages.

Cost efficiency

The precision involved in leaflet distribution cuts out a substantial amount of outgoings invested into the marketing strategy. In fact, selective marketing has a high return on investment compared to many promotional strategies as you target only the people who you know would have an interest in your services. The savings facilitated by targeted leaflet distribution are not only reflected in monetary value, but also in the smaller timescale it takes you to arrange and complete the procedure.

Eco friendliness

Corporate Social Responsibility is a topic that has become the fuel to many debates of late. The way companies operate without endangering or disadvantaging those involved their procedures is a subject plenty of the public are now educated on. The use of targeted marketing promotes environmental friendliness; a significant aspect of business ethics. This is because you only use a certain amount of paper, to be delivered to relevant people, most of who will not simply throw the leaflet in the bin.

Lead generation

Selective marketing such as leaflet distribution has a direct impact on business profitability. It helps companies generate fresh and relevant leads who can be nurtured into resourceful and loyal customers. Furthermore, approaching an existing loyal fan base with leaflet campaigns is perceived as corporate appreciation of customers, which reinforces the customer-brand relationship.

The precise qualities of targeted marketing certainly have great impacts upon the way modern businesses behave, both internally and externally. This form of promotion is a worthwhile investment that many businesses are looking to implement as part of their corporate strategies. At Direct Letterbox Marketing, we are specialist leaflet distributors who aim to push your business to success through this form of targeted marketing. We offer a fully comprehensive service that positively influences your business’ turnaround. For more information regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 028 6353.

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