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Jul 7, 2015

Marketing Master Class: How to Cultivate a Company Personality

When coming up with content for your next leaflet campaign, or any upcoming marketing strategy, there are a lot of basics that need to be considered – clear information that doesn’t overwhelm the reader, questions and features which speak directly to your target audience, and a strong call to action which sparks genuine engagement.

If you’ve been reading our blog then you should have already picked up lots of fantastic tips for getting these essentials right – and that means that you’re ready to move on to the marketing master class. First up: How to cultivate a company personality.

What You Need

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A company personality is more or less exactly what it says on the tin: the tone, attitude and culture of your business which manifests itself in the way you communicate with clients and potential clients. On a simple level, you can aim to be causal and chatty or formal and professional, but within these two wider-reaching categories there is a great deal of scope to get creative.

You need a personality that is unique to you, and compliments both your vision for your brand and the desires of your target audience perfectly. There are so many different options available to you, but a few ideas to think about as you get started include whether you want to be seen as upbeat or sombre, incredibly friendly or cool and detached… do you want your audience to look at you as their peers or their leaders?

There’s no wrong answer, so long as you keep your buyers in mind at all times!

How You Get It

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So once you’ve designed yourself a personality that any consumer would be crazy to ignore, how do you actually convey it? We pick up clues about people’s personalities from the way they behave, but since a company is often comprised of a lot of separate sections it can be harder to know how to put your ideal persona across.

The key is in your words: everything that you communicate, whether in writing or in speech, can be phrased to also communicate your brand image. If you want to seem upbeat and on the ball then don’t settle for flabby sentences that ramble on without any focus or cheer – alternatively, if your brand personality is classic, classy or formal then spend some time with the thesaurus and make sure your vocabulary is truly impressive.

Now it’s time to get that personality out there! Our leaflet distribution services can help you spread you message and your brand new image to receptive customers, so contact us online or at 0800 028 6353 to take advantage.

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