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Apr 3, 2014

Living in an Age of Digital Publishing

As technology has advanced, we have seen the rise of digital publishing. Of course, this has affected the way we get our information; meaning we are less and less dependent on the printed word. This has caused significant changes in the way we consume media, but how much has this change affected printed advertising? We will look into these points in this blog.

The term digital publishing refers to almost anything online; from blogs and newspapers to eBooks. On the face of it, life is made much easier, because gaining access to anything from a dictionary to the latest news is just a mere click away.  The quality of writing on the internet may not always be consistent though. Of course, you can find some quality and informed writings out there, but for every great article or blog you find, there will be many subpar pieces. Despite this fact, printed publication has taken a significant hit because of the convenience that the internet provides for information.

With inventions like tablets and phones becoming extremely compatible with websites, many people don’t see the need to buy printed media because they can get it on their phones. These pieces of technology are compact, and there is no need to worry about sitting in an awkward position in a train with your newspaper, or finding a bin for it afterwards. Much in the same vein, it isn’t a surprise that eBooks have become popular, because they hardly take up any space round the house and fit easily into a bag for travelling. Is the printed word dead? Perhaps not; although digital publishing is certainly on the rise.

What does this mean for printed advertising?

In terms of advertising, digital publishing doesn’t necessarily mean the end of printed advertising; in fact it often means quite the opposite. If you consider the amount of time an average person spends on the internet and the spammy pop-up adverts that they see, basic psychology tells us that the user will ignore them due to having become desensitised. However, if you consider the impact that a carefully thought out letterbox campaign with an impressive design and writing that isn’t riddled with errors will have, then you can see that letterbox marketing is still very relevant. A leaflet that can be touched and read through several times goes a long way in this digital age, simply because it stands out more.

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