Lights, Camera, Action! Give Your Audience Something to Do Next

Every time you look through a list of tips or ideas for designing your next leafleting campaign, there are three little words that are almost guaranteed to pop up – and if they don’t then you’re probably reading the wrong guide!

Those words are ‘Call to Action’, and they represent one of the most important features of any effective leaflet. In fact, they’re so important that we’re going to dedicate this entire post to helping you get it right:

What is the Call to Action?

So you’ve heard it several dozen times, but what exactly does it mean? Put simply, the call to action is an instruction that lets your audience know what they can do next if they want to engage further with your brand. You may have done a good job at holding their attention, and even got them quite excited about what you’re offering, but remember that you are trying to communicate with busy people who may be put off by having to go away and search for your company for themselves.

The Basics

With this in mind, the first thing to remember is that the point of your call to action is to make it easy for people to find you and get in touch. Give your contact details prominent placement, using a clear font to display the phone number, web address, and, if applicable, physical address of your business.

Spicing It Up

That’s what your call to action absolutely must include, but there’s no reason to leave it there – there are also some strategies you can use to make it more likely that people will actually do what you’re asking from them. A great call to action doesn’t just tell people where to go, but also lets them know what they’ll get when they do. Are you offering a free trial, a new product line or even just an incredibly streamlined and hassle free booking process? Embed this information within your text.

You can also spend some time working on the phrasing that you use to ensure that it sends out the right message – one of urgency, easy delivery and exclusivity. Use verbs which give a clear action that readers can then follow, such as ‘call us’ or ‘visit our website’; add a word like ‘today’ that expresses the importance of the action; emphasise how simple the process will be; and finally, give even more incentive with a limited offer. Aim to have your readers start up the computer especially to visit your site, rather than just make a note to go there whenever they’re next online.

Once you have perfected the art of the call to action, you’ll be ready to benefit from our great leaflet distribution service – we will get your message out to everyone who needs to see it! Contact us online or call us at 0800 028 6353 to talk to a highly trained professional about your needs.

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