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Sep 4, 2014

Leaflets vs. Digital Marketing

The cries online are ubiquitous: print is dead. If it sounds like hyperbole, that’s because it is. Let’s look at the major advantages of print advertising over digital marketing, and how you can create a leaflet that complements the online side of your business.

Targeted Advertising


These days it’s easy to target efficiently, as consumers give more and more information away online. Make use of your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Engaging them helps your company understand who they are, and what they want and expect from you. But that has its limits – after all, these are customers who already know of your business. By using a demographic profiling service like the one we offer free of charge to identify the target market in your distribution area, you’ll be able to extend your reach to as many people as possible, while making your advertising as personal as you can. This leads directly to…


Of course it’s cheaper to produce online content. There’s no printing or delivery costs, first of all. But it’s not always the most effective way to attract new business. Those emails you worked so hard designing are no good if your audience isn’t internet-savvy. Services such as the aforementioned demographic profiling are cost-effective because your leaflets are being seen by the right people.




Tangibility is something digital marketing can’t offer. It’s the reason that 87% of potential customers remember leaflets they’ve received, compared to 35% for email marketing. Remember too, that no matter how snappy your subject title, without opening the email there’s no visual cues to entice the consumer. By having a leaflet delivered directly into the hands of potential customers, they’re made automatically aware of your business. This has an added bonus – unlike emails which are deleted in seconds, a leaflet can remain in a customer’s home for weeks, constantly reminding them of your company.



A smart company knows that when it comes down to it, it’s not a binary choice. Your print and digital marketing have to complement each other. There are tons of ways to do this. One of the most popular is the inclusion of a QR code on your leaflet, which when scanned by a smartphone, will direct customers to your website. Or you might prefer to attach a discount code for exclusive online deals.

However you choose to advertise your company, here at Direct Letterbox Marketing our dedicated and professional team will ensure all your leaflet distribution needs are fulfilled. Contact us today on 0800 028 6353 or email and find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd.

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