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Sep 17, 2014

Leaflet Marketing: The Good, The Facts, The Stats

Although leaflet distribution has been a well-respected and popular method of marketing for many years, prospective clients are still unsure as to how effective such methods are and there is a constant fear that many potential customers do not appreciate or even look at the material coming through their letterbox.

Every type of media is effective, whether TV, radio or newspaper, and each is received differently. How many people do you know that watch TV? Read the newspaper? Or listen to the radio? All advertisements, no matter how subtle, get noticed. However, leaflet distribution is in fact suitable for all types of business, and of course, is the most cost-effective!

Why use leaflets?

Here are a few statistics taken from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) website to answer the facts, stats and repeatedly asked questions regarding letterbox marketing and its productivity!

How effective is leaflet distribution, really?

According to DMA research, 62% of people take no notice of TV advertisements and either mute or change channel in order to avoid the ads. 81% of people also flick past press and magazine adverts.

What if the majority of consumers don’t appreciate receiving leaflets through their letterbox?

As many as 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a leaflet distribution item.

Is direct mail worth the extra cost?

DMA’s research shows that door drops are glanced at by 78% of consumers, and 23% read them properly. The same stats for direct mail options include 79% and 32%. Leaflets with money-off coupons and use-in-store deals are kept by 33% of potential consumers.

Do consumers use services that are promoted through leaflet distribution?

71% of consumers believe that free samples, coupons and offers are useful for finding a service to suit their needs. 66% said the same for supermarket offers, 62% for money-off coupons and 47% for new product leaflets.

Do people respond to leaflet distribution?

The DMA’s research shows that 48% of consumers actually visited the shop advertised, requested extra information or bought a product after receiving a leaflet through their door.

Does leaflet distribution work as well as direct mail, press or TV?

Leaflet distribution is one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising, with 48% of consumers responding to leaflet advertisements. 47% have been recorded as responding to direct marketing, 47% to TV and press advertising methods gain 60% of custom.

Do consumers keep the flyers and leaflets they receive?

38% of flyers are kept for at least a few days and 13% are kept for over a week. Money-off flyers are 50% more likely to be held for at least a week, so for effective leaflet marketing – offer a promotion or coupon attachment.

If you are planning to promote or advertise your business and are looking for cost-effective yet result-making methods, leaflet delivery and distribution is really worth considering. Leaflets are an ideal way to communicate with your customer in a non-demanding and non-‘sell sell sell’ manner, allowing them to contact you or request further information on their own terms.

If you think letterbox marketing is the way forward for you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and creative team online today, or on 0800 028 6353 and market your brand to success!

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