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Posted on Jan 9, 2015 by barbie

Previously on our blog we discussed the seriously important aspect of brand mascots . You know, those goofy little characters who act as a visual personality for your company. This time we’re going to look at their human counterparts, the brand ambassador. We live in a world that worships at the altar of celebrity, right? The Gods of yore have been replaced with the faces of actresses, footballers, models and even politicians who...
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Posted on Jan 8, 2015 by barbie

These days we all know that the only way to really market your company is a well-planned, well-designed combo of advertising. From direct marketing such as leaflets and pull-outs, to web-based advertising, it’s crucial to embrace all forms of marketing to really get your voice heard.   One of the first stops any potential customer is going to make is to your website, right? After all, that’s what’s printed on...
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Posted on Jan 6, 2015 by admin

When it comes to your new business venture, one of the first things you’ll find yourself agonising over is the name of your company. Even those who’ve been in the business a long time might still question whether they made the right call. In fact, naming the actual company can be a major stumbling block for aspiring entrepreneurs. And when it’s the name that’s going to define you, the name that’ll appear on the...
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Posted on Dec 23, 2014 by admin

With Christmas just days away, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our loyal customers a very Merry Christmas, and of course, a healthy and happy New Year! We have had an extremely wonderful year here at Direct Letterbox Marketing, and would love to thank you all for your support over the past 12 months. It really doesn’t feel all that long ago that we were last wishing you all festive happiness, but when we come to...
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Posted on Dec 19, 2014 by admin

Quick question – who is Nintendo’s mascot? Mario, the moustachioed plumber from Brooklyn. Instantly recognisable, even those who’ve never played a video game in their lives know precisely who he is. What about McDonalds? Everyone knows it’s Ronald McDonald, whether you choose to eat there or not. Or Mr. Muscle cleaning products? Ok, that’s too easy. Having a recognisable mascot which can be put on all...
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Posted on Dec 17, 2014 by admin

Yesterday in our blog , we were discussing the importance of gauging an audience’s needs and how to target them. Within that was a fleeting reference to how marketers attract the attention of children using – quelle surprise – bright colours and goofy images. But it’s not just kids you’ll want to think about – especially if you run a business that doesn’t traditionally target children as...
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Posted on Dec 16, 2014 by admin

In our last blog in this series, we studied the importance of keeping your existing clients – after all, you wouldn’t want to lose them after working so hard to get them in the first place.  But it’s also crucial to attract the attention of those brand spanking new customers too, right? And direct marketing is an excellent way of doing that. But… Oh, there’s always a but. You could cover an entire area...
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Posted on Dec 12, 2014 by admin

Ok, quick question – what’s the purpose of direct marketing? If you said attracting new customers, well, you’re half right. Marketing, in any form, isn’t just about getting new clients through the door – it’s also about maintaining your existing client base. Every company has a client attrition rate – which is the rate which businesses lose customers. However, there are a few steps you can take to...
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Posted on Dec 10, 2014 by admin

At the end of the day, going forward, time will tell… Ah, we’ve heard it all before, right? When you’re designing your direct letterbox marketing, one of the main things you need to consider is this: is it original? Whether it’s an image-heavy or text-heavy mail-out, originality and creativity are absolutely crucial to a successful campaign. The fact of the matter (that’s another cliché) is that...
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Posted on Nov 21, 2014 by admin

Welcome back to our continuing series on the various attributes and factors you’ll need to consider when designing your direct letterbox marketing. Today we’re going to just go ahead and look at the importance of branding. Ok, when you hear someone say ‘branding’ it’s usually a smug marketing manager who throws words like that around before most of us have even had our breakfast. But despite those...
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