Leaflet Distribution Back Checking

Here at DLM, we go further than the majority of distribution companies to evidence our leaflet distributions have taken place. Industry governing bodies recommend back-checking to be carried out, most companies provide face to face checks carried out by the team’s leader through knocking on members of the public’s doors. Back-checking is conducted retrospectively once a distribution has been completed and is a measurement of recollection of a delivery.

All of our Solus distributions are back-checked independently by a third-party Telephone back-checking company. We do this because an independent audit is impartial meaning the results are objective and have much greater value as evidence of the distribution. It also means the distributions are independently monitored, a more superior form of quality control than the industry required ‘self-auditing’ method.

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Independent Telephone Back-Checking

We contract DBC Online Partnership to conduct our telephone back-checking. Once we are informed that an area of a distribution is complete, they complete a spot-check by calling roads at random by telephone to ascertain if they can recall receiving the item. The back-checking company carry out 5 calls per 1,000 leaflets delivered. 

As there are many factors that can affect recall, we expect to achieve a level of 40-60% positive recall to substantiate distribution has been completed to the standard we expect of our teams. Back-checking has to be completed retrospectively once delivery has been made as people often have difficulty in recalling unsolicited mail.

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Understanding the Back-check Report

We expect to establish a level of positive recall of between 40% – 60% to substantiate that deliveries have been completed to the standards that we expect from our teams. As back-checking has to be completed retrospectively once deliveries have been completed, people often have difficulty in recalling leaflets. Elapsed time is one factor that can affect recall, but there are many other factors also that will impact on a person’s ability to remember deliveries.

Leaflet back checking
Examples of factors that can affect Recall

Item size – larger sized items can be more memorable than smaller ones

Brand Strength – recognisable brands or items delivered regularly are usually more memorable than one-off deliveries

Perceived Value – items with a perceived value (e.g. Council publications, money-off coupons) can be more memorable

Creative design – an items creative design can impact positively or negatively on recollection

Attitude towards Unsolicited deliveries – unfortunately, some people dispose of leaflets immediately upon receipt

Volume of other material delivered daily/weekly – leaflet delivery is a popular form of advertising, but the more that people receive the more difficult it can become to recall individual items

Multi-occupancy properties – often the person who answers the phone when the back-check is made won’t have seen the leaflet, if someone else in the house has picked it up

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