How to Get Your New Business Noticed

So you’ve received your funding to get started, you’ve got the equipment you need and a few skilled employees too. But something’s not right; you’re lacking in customers. Sadly, if this happens you’ve still got plenty of work to do. Time to get your promotion sorted.

1)      Build Your Brand

You need a logo, a strong business name and possibly a strap line to give the audience a clear idea of who you are, what you do and, most importantly, set off the look and feel of your business. Clear, attractive branding is an important factor for ensuring success, so take your time over it and maybe even think about getting someone professional, like a brand consultant, to design it. Once the logo is born, get it in as many places as you can, including signs, staff uniforms, business cards, stationary, email signatures and even convert your car into an eye-catching mobile advertising device by using branded car stickers. Make sure the branding is clear on all adverts and paper-based promotions, which is where we come in. Send us your graphics and we will insert them appropriately.

2)      Research Your Market

Market research is imperative when you are creating and strengthening your business. You need to understand your market, and also, if you’re a local business, understand your area of trade. You must identify similar competing businesses in the area; assess what they do and figure out how you can do it better. You need to understand where you fit into the market, therefore identify the characteristics of your businesses that make you stand out from similar company, and work out how you can offer your customers a superior service. At Direct Letter Box Marketing we offer a free Demographic profiling service, which looks at your business catchment and identifies the areas where your target market lives. Therefore we can aim a promotional campaign at places where ideal customers live, rather than wasting resources on areas where you’re unlikely to pick up new custom.

3)      Advertise

The newer the business, the more prolific the advertising campaign has to be; especially if it’s a flagship campaign. Your image has to reach out to people and be present in their everyday lives, even if it’s subtle. Variety and visuals are essential, as people suffer from major information overloads and tend to ignore anything with too much writing. There are endless ways of advertising; it all depends on the nature of your business, your size and your target market. Try print advertising on billboards and phone box signs. The sides of buses are very eye catching, and direct mail can be very effective because it feels more personal. We can give your new business the attention it deserves with our leaflet distribution services which include a targeted delivery service, or we can also offer a “one stop shop” leaflet package where we take care of the design, print and distribution of your promotional material, saving you hassle and creating precious time for you.

So once you’ve got the bare skeleton of your new business, flesh it out with a brand, a clear business mission and get that information out to a potential customers, as they’re the ones who will really get your dream off the ground. Whatever way you decide is best to get your business out there and get people interested, keep us in mind for your printed promotional needs.

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