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Jul 18, 2014

How to Ensure Results with Leaflet Drops

Despite every advance in marketing techniques that the modern world has been able to muster, letterbox marketing is still one of the most effective methods around.

Almost 50% of customers respond positively to the activities of leaflet distribution services, beating television and email marketing every time, and leaflet delivery also has the advantage of being one of the most affordable forms of advertising as well. That being said, this effective practice can still fall flat if you don’t plan correctly, so here are a few tips to help you get the most from your leaflet distribution.

Consider Solus Leaflet Drops

Although there are several different kinds of leaflet drops, Solus leaflet delivery is widely hailed as enabling the maximum exposure for a brand or message. Solus deliveries mean that a leaflet is never casually hidden inside another publication – such as a newspaper – and so it gives your leaflet the best chance of being viewed as a separate entity, rather than being discarded as a nuisance when someone is flicking through a paper.

Consistency is Key

Even if you’re an eternal optimist, you’ll probably admit that not everybody is going to need your services every single time you carry out a leaflet drop, so there is a real need for consistent leaflet distribution campaigns. This is not an excuse to ‘spam’ your customers, but regular and targeted delivery will ensure that your brand becomes recognised and ‘familiar’, resulting in more custom for you when people encounter a situation where they might need your expertise.

Don’t Leave Leaflet Design Until Last

The design of a leaflet is actually really important, so it should come as rather a surprise to see that so many people consider this sort of thing as an afterthought, rather than making it a priority. An effectively designed leaflet can actually make or break a campaign; advertising is frequently a visual practice, after all, so neglecting to fashion an attractive leaflet won’t do you any favours. With that in mind, don’t spend all of your time considering how to communicate your message as widely as possible, but also spare a thought for the design of your leaflet.

Leaflet distribution really does yield results, but like any form of advertising you need to be using it correctly, and hopefully the above three tips have given you an idea of how to utilise this valuable tool. Here at Direct Letterbox Marketing, we specialise in leaflet distribution, and have risen to become the leading UK door-to-door leaflet distributor precisely because we know how to maximise the efficiency of your campaign.

Our services are both proven to be effective and are great value for money, so don’t hesitate to contact us now by calling 0800 028 6353 or emailing to find out how we could be helping you today.

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