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Jun 17, 2014

How to Build Robust Relationships with Customers

Communicating effectively is the lifeblood of a strong relationship. When it comes to marketing, building up robust client relationships is simply invaluable, and effective communication is undoubtedly the way to cultivate such relationships. Here are a few tips for you to bear in mind:


Be Responsive

Marketing isn’t just about conveying your message to a client, but also about responding to enquiries well too. The very purpose of marketing is to encourage a response from a client, and if you then fail to deal adequately with an enquiry then you are really shooting yourself in the foot. If a customer contacts you following a marketing scheme like a leaflet delivery, then emphasise just what you can do to help meet their needs.

Be Honest

Effective marketing is supposed to be attractive, but that doesn’t mean making tenuous promises that simply can’t be kept. If you advertise something, no matter how trivial, then you absolutely must be equipped to follow through and uphold this claim. Nothing will destroy client relationships quicker than broken promises, and inversely nothing will strengthen them more than reliably doing exactly what you’re advertising.

Be Respectful

Chatty and informal styles within marketing strategies can be very effective, but you never want to lose a respectful tone within your delivery, no matter what medium you might be using. That doesn’t mean you can’t use humour or other devices, far from it in fact, but you need to remember that you depend on your customers in a lot of ways, and you need to get across how much you value them in your marketing communication.

Be Appreciative

Following on from above, be appreciative of any client interactions that your marketing might result in. People like to be treated well, and if you take the time to build a robust relationship with a new customer you can guarantee that this will be to your own benefit in the long term. Not only will you keep the custom of that individual, but they may also spread your brand message to a far wider audience than your marketing strategy may have done otherwise.


As you can see, building relationships is a very important thing for you to do in your marketing, but of course you also need to be using the right sort of methods too, and here at Direct Letterbox Marketing we are specialists in leaflet distribution; one of the most effective advertising strategies you could ever make use of. Our methods of communication are both proven and economical, so contact us by calling 0800 028 6353 or emailing if you’d like more information.

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