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Oct 24, 2013

How Leaflet Distribution Can Win You Customers

In recent years, leaflet advertising has turned out to be an influential form of marketing due to its superb customer targeting characteristics. Product sample distribution has since been embraced by many organisations, both large and small, who seek reliable marketing strategies bearing fast results. That is why here at Direct Letterbox Marketing we look to provide specialist leaflet distribution services to encourage your businesses’ success. Our services can influence your business through winning customers in several ways.

Broad Target Audience

Leaflets are distributed to clients’ addresses and, in most cases, the main target lives with other people at the property. Therefore, everyone in at the address becomes a potential target, as other people are also likely to come across the advertisement. The broader the target audience, the greater the potential of winning customers; which makes leaflets a fundamental marketing tool.

Endless Creativity Possibilities

At Direct Letterbox Marketing, we provide bespoke services enabling us to tailor a service specifically to your budget. Since we can work to your requirements, you have endlessly flexible design options. This allows the opportunity to create an eye catching leaflet campaign that will grab people’s attention; thereby generating interest within your products.


According to a report by The Associated Press, the average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds long. This makes leaflets a brilliant form of communication due to the brevity within the message conveyed. The message is short and speedy, giving you the opportunity to convert curious readers into actual clients within a matter of seconds.

Tempt Customers

Your leaflet advertising campaign will certainly gain you customers. However, there are some individuals whose attention may be drawn, but they lack the extra reason to make the most of your services. To capture such customers, adding incentives such as accompanying the leaflets with discount coupons can provide an offer that is too tempting to pass up.

In summary, leaflet campaigns have proven a great form of custom generation. Noticeable changes in business performance have been witnessed within numerous firms after implementing leaflet distribution into business strategy. Why not let your company also enjoy the benefits of such success bearing opportunities, and make the most of what we have on offer? Contact us today on 08000286353, or via email on

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