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In a world of wider marketing possibilities than ever before, door to door distribution has continued to hold its own. According to the British Population Study ‘Marketing Channel Trends’ 2010, over 90% of respondents remembered receiving leaflets through the door, with 6% reacting positively to a leaflet they had received in this manner. To put this in perspective, eighty of the country’s top 100 advertisers regularly use door to door marketing!

To a layman, the different techniques used in door to door marketing may seem confusing. How do they compare with one another? What is the best type to use for your business or brand?

For a brief appraisal of the different methods Direct Letterbox Marketing has to offer, read on…

DLM Solus: The perfect technique if you want to maximise the impact you’re making on your target audience. Your leaflet will be delivered independently, with no other newspapers or leaflets; this inevitably draws the customer’s attention and generates the greatest number of return sales. Thanks to flexible delivery times, your leaflets will be delivered when you want them to be- first thing in the morning, perhaps, or when your customers get home from work.

As part of your DM Solus service, you will also receive third party telephone research- thus gleaning an impression of the customer’s responses, helping you to adapt and make changes where appropriate- and free demographic profiling. This will ensure that your product is delivered exclusively to the intended target audience, guaranteeing returns.

DLM Newshare: Your leaflet will be delivered in conjunction with a free regional newspaper. Since 18 million UK households are estimated to receive a free weekly newspaper, this means a potentially enormous audience. This type of letterbox marketing has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years- it gives it a credibility and ‘newsworthiness’ it may otherwise lack. Since Direct Letterbox Marketing only partners newspapers who are Verified Free Distribution (VFD), this emphasises the advert’s credentials.

In addition, DLM Newshare offers free demographic profiling, meaning that amongst other details you will be advised upon the most suitable publication for your target market.

Geo demographic  targeting: An invaluable tool that helps you maximise the impact of your campaign by identifying your ideal customer profile. It works by identifying your customers according to the characteristics of the area in which they live; the criteria include age, sex, household composition and economic status.  It ensures that your marketing only reaches the specific audience you wish to target, making your campaign far more efficient and cost effective. The system is constantly updated so it’s on the cutting edge of technology.

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