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Jul 22, 2015

How an Integrated Marketing Strategy Helps You Keep New Clients

Any great marketing strategy needs to work on several different levels at once – you want to use different tactics to get your name out into the world and attract new customers, to retain their interest once you’ve lit that first spark, and to keep them engaged in the long term.

This means integrating a range of techniques, to create one complete (and completely brilliant) strategy that does everything you need it to. But what should those techniques be?

Use Stunning Leaflets to Catch the Attention of a Whole New Crowd

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The first step on the journey is getting your potential clients to know you are – and to want to know more. If you can design a really eye-catching leaflet to send out, with beautiful graphics, engaging text and a very clear call to action then you are well on your way to bringing a whole host of new clients on board.

Make Sure Your Website Keeps them Interested

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When you send out your leaflets, you probably have the key purpose of driving people to your website, but what will they see once they get there? Your site needs to be up to the minute, inviting, full of content that makes people want to read more and explore your website.

You can use a company blog to give people loads of information and insights into your industry, so that they can see that you’re an expert, the authority. This will give them faith in your product or services, converting interested individuals into actual clients who are willing to put their trust in your brand.

Meet with Your Clients to Show them that you Care

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Once you’ve convinced people that you’re right for them, you also need to convince them that their business means something to you. You can do that by meeting with them face to face, showing them the base of your operations, and pampering them with promotional gifts from EMC Ad Gifts to make sure that they know they’re special.

With all three strategies running simultaneously, you can keep a constant stream of new customers rolling in, transforming them into content customers who love the way that you don’t just forget about them after you’ve got their interest.

Here at Direct Letterbox, we can help you with leaflet distribution, ensuring that you have a strong foundation from which to build up the rest of your strategies. Contact us today, online or at 0121 453 9100, to find out more!

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