Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Types of Leaflets, But Were Too Afraid to Ask

When it comes to leaflets, there’s definitely a lot more than meets the eye. So today we’ll take a look at the different styles of leaflets, and in particular, the types of folds available for your own direct marketing.

Single Sheet

When it comes to leaflets, the unfolded A5 single sheet is pretty much the industry standard. You’ll find this a fairly common leaflet for those who want maximum readability and brand recognition. Takeaway menus, political leaflets, and estate agents often use the single sheet style. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can opt for a leaflet that’s either single- or double-sided printed.

Single Fold

With a fold running straight down the middle, a single fold leaflet performs the function of a booklet. It allows businesses to offer more information than the standard single sheet. Usually these are printed in landscape and create an A5-sized leaflet. But you can always be a little more creative. Domino’s Pizza, for instance, do the exact opposite, creating a horizontal stand.

Concertina Fold

A concertina fold creates three panels – and therefore six sides – to advertise your business. This particular leaflet fold is also known as the zig-zag or Z-fold, given the shape mimics the 26th letter of the alphabet. It’s also known as an accordion fold, which is perfect if you run a musical instrument store– just don’t expect to make music with it.

Cross Fold

It might look a little like an origami artwork, but the cross fold is definitely going to get noticed. With neat folds going in different directions, cross fold leaflets might be small, but they can contain a lot of information. Think of those pocket Tube maps you can buy, clasped inside a plastic wallet – that’s a cross fold.

Open Gate Fold

The open gate fold is especially good when incorporated with awesome visuals or well-worded copy – a joke, say, or a major announcement. Because the open gate fold allows for a BIG reveal. Opening like, well, like a gate, with two sides folding outwards almost in a welcoming gesture. The major peril with the open gate fold is incorrectly lining up the image or copy, which can look seriously unprofessional.

Closed Gate Fold

The closed gate is the inverted cousin of the open gate fold – only this time, instead of opening outwards, the leaflet is folded once more along the centre, neatly containing your copy inside a booklet-style leaflet. As with the open gate, in the wrong hands, the closed gate fold is susceptible to incorrectly aligned images. Generally speaking, gate folds are used for invitations and brochures.

Roll Fold

The roll fold leaflet is a pretty typical leaflet fold, used for conveying information over several panels. Here, the leaflet features one fold tucked inwards, and then rolled inwards again – as you would roll a sheet of paper. The final fold covers the interior panels.  Usually, these types of leaflets feature 6 panels – or three per side – although 8 panel leaflets are also somewhat common.

And those are the main leaflet types you can get. If you want to get your voice heard, you want to make sure you choose the right type of leaflet. And then with our help, you’ll be ready to deliver your message! Here at Direct Letterbox Marketing, we’re a dedicated, family-run business with a passion for marketing. So if you require leaflet distribution in Manchester and the surrounding areas, please get in contact with us on 0800 028 6353 or email enquiries@directletterboxmarketing.co.uk and we’ll be glad to help you.

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