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Jan 15, 2014

Ensure you avoid and recover from the negative effects of the January retail slump

Quite a few reports of a January slump are circulating in the press, and post sale, post Christmas gloomy January can always be a trying time for businesses.  However, there are some positive reports from companies ranging from Sports Direct to the brewery giant Greene King.  All indicators suggest that the market is particularly competitive, and that gaining on your competitors or even sustaining trading levels may require significant ingenuity and effort.

If you are experiencing a bit of a lull, it could be the perfect time to invest some time and money into planning and scheduling your advertising for later in the year, to invigorate your customers and ensure you maximise your potential as the market recovers.

You probably have a promotional budget for things such as websites and packaging. However, you may benefit from including some print media, delivered directly to potential customers, to increase your exposure.  Not only will you reach a different type of customer with non-digital advertising, but your adverts will stand a much greater chance of being viewed in detail and be saved to remind the interested punter to visit your shop or use your service.

We offer a range of leaflet distribution services to match your budget and the potential profit you stand to make as a result of your investment.  From hand delivered one-of-a-kind ‘Solus’ packages to inserts and newsletters, there is scope to deliver your advert in a way that suits your product or service.  We can even target your advert to a preferred customer group using state of the art demographic profiling and great knowledge of our industry.  If you don’t have the materials you wish to distribute already prepared our printing and design service could also save you time and money.

Ensure you have a successful year by timing your marketing strategy to pull you out of the post Christmas slump and into the next season with an optimism and energy your customers will find irresistible.  Call us at our expense on 0800 028 6353 or follow the link on our homepage to request a call back if you want to discuss what we might do for you in managing your direct customer outreach.

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