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Sep 10, 2014

Design Your Brand To Leaflet Success

Creative leaflet design is key to any successful letterbox marketing campaign, and its ability to engage brand and customer eye within seconds makes it a fantastic option for any brand wanting to promote and advertise to a large audience.

Leaflets, along with posters and business cards are the most common form of brand advertisement, providing a cost-effective and creative way to communicate with your client on a semi-informal level that allows for artistic individuality.

Nobody wants to receive a boring leaflet through their front door, after all, it will just end up in the bin. To get attention – you need something that will make your design stand out amongst the mail pile, so here are a few key design elements to keep in mind when designing your engaging leaflet and making sure it catches the eye of your selected audience.

Push the limits of your brief!

Whether you design your own or you get the aid of a fantastic design brain, every good leaflet starts with a well thought out design brief. A design brief should cover every obstacle that could possibly come up throughout the creative process, including:

  • What leaflet size will best fit your needs? How many sides or how many pages?
  • What is your main aim from leaflet distribution?
  • What do you want your leaflet consumer to do after viewing? Buy? Get in touch?
  • Audience – who is your target market? How can you describe your brand (through visual form) that will appeal to your audience?

Keeping all these thoughts in mind will in fact result in a far more thought out and clear design concept. As well as enabling a strong design, text content and visual imagery in order to get you the results you want!

Design matters!

In any creative industry, design matter, so choose your designer wisely. The difference between a bad and a successful leaflet is quality and creativity, so be 100% confident with your final designs and how they communicate your brand. Good design can engage with your audience and create a direct connection between product and consumer, so make sure the leaflet says everything you want it to.


AIDA is a popular and relied upon acronym throughout many creative industries, and stands for:

  • Attention – Create awareness and attract the attention of your audience to your product. What will appeal to them?
  • Interest – Raise customer interest by directing their attention to benefits and advantages of your company, as well as features and key facts.
  • Desire – Convince your audience that they really need your product, and in order to get it – they need to keep hold of your leaflet!
  • Action – Encourage your customers to take action and do something after reading your leaflet.

AIDA stands for 4 key elements that should be focused upon within the creation of any engaging and effective marketing material.

Make the content count!

As well as the visual aspect of a leaflet, the content needs to be just as substantial and engaging. Imagery and text should always be matched to your communication aims and appeal to the market you are targeting.

Text – Make sure your content is of the interest of your audience, and everything you want to say is said. Sell the product you are selling without being cheesy or needy, and let people know the benefits or what makes you unique against the current market. With this said, also remember that less is more so don’t overdo it with information – if they are interested, they’ll get in touch! Use appropriate language to suit your brand, and keep in mind that a little linguistic imagination can really help to sell something. However, a leaflet with too much text can be overpowering and a little intimidating, so make sure you have a great mix of both text and imagery to really draw in the consumer’s eye.

Imagery – We’ve all heard that a picture tells a thousand words, and with the small scale a leaflet offers – the use of larger images make for fantastic attention grabbing and clean design. Large images can look professional, slick and modern so if this is the look you are aiming for, consider a large ratio of image to text to promote your company brand.

Proof your pages!

There is no better design advice than proof read your leaflet, and proof read it again (and again!) Get friends to proof read it for you and anyone else that will look, nothing says unprofessional that typos and bad grammar! Use high res and clear images as these communicates professionalism and promotes a quality service!

Here at Direct Letterbox Marketing, we believe that quality design creates quality reputation, and are proud to be one of the leading specialists of leaflet design and leaflet distributors within today’s creative market. For more information or to see what we can do for you – please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and creative team on 0800 028 6353 today!

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