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May 8, 2014

Customer Engagement tactics: Competitions and Offers

Product advertising is becoming a regular part of our lives and nowadays everywhere you go you will certainly encounter an advertisement of some sort. Since there is almost too much advertising and promotion taking place, it is difficult to get your message through to people as many tend to ignore the messages and this is why it is utterly important to make sure your advert is unique and stands out from the rest to engage your customers.

Customer engagement means getting the customers more involved with the brand on a more advanced level of communication. Leaflet distribution is one form of marketing that is a popular customer engagement tool due to its direct communicative characteristics. But how do you engage customers through what seems like a simplistic method of communication? Below are two important suggestions on how to get your customers involved with your brand.


As a business owner, it is vital to understand that no one can ever be too old to play a game, especially when there are rewards involved. Try involving fun in the flyer campaign to grab customers’ attention. A good example is designing a leaflet that has a raffle ticket attached to it. Ensuring clarity in details like the date of the draw and the prize is fundamental for such a campaign. This way, customers will have a reason not to simply throw your leaflet in the bin. In fact, the flyer ticket they keep hold of will constantly be a reminder of your services.


Many of the poorly planned leaflet campaigns that you will come across will lack any form of incentive that gives the customers a reason to pay attention to the leaflet. In order to enjoy a large return on investment from the campaign, add an offer to the flyer. Maybe offer a specific price discount on certain products upon customers presenting the leaflet at the point of payment.

Leaflet distribution is one form of marketing that should never be taken for granted as it has been proven to be an effective means of communication. Many business people have embraced this form of communication however if you are yet to experience the benefits of it we at Direct Letterbox Marketing are available to help. We are a specialist leaflet distributor that can help your business flourish. For more information about our services, please contact us on 0800 028 6353.

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