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Mar 25, 2019

CTAs on leaflet drops

Don’t just tell, make it sell!

You’ve done all the hard work, designed an eye-catching leaflet, grabbed their attention and desire to interact with your product or service! But where’s the incentive?


Creating a call to action lets you know that you’ve had a response from a campaign! by leaving a call to action off a leaflet you are simply telling the targeted audience the information that might get them to interact with you, like opening times, products, services and ways to get in touch. A Call to Action is the means by which a viewer will take further action upon seeing your leaflet, such as visit a website, call a phone number, scanning a QR code or redeeming an offer for discounts or a free item. Every leaflet should have a call to action. An effective call to action is the linchpin of a successful leaflet and involves drawing together best practice in creative visual design and powerful copy writing to encourage your leaflet viewer to do something. If designed right, a leaflet designed around an effective Call to Action will generate a real return on investment!

What type of Call to Action should I use?

First of all, determine the goal you would like to achieve from the designed leaflet! Whether this be  telephone enquiries, more traffic to website/social media pages, increased sales of a product or to create more footfall within store. Once determined, you’ll be able to include one or more of the many formats which tempts Call to Action.

  • Call today!
  • QR Code
  • Redeemable money off voucher
  • Social media page information
  • Website details for more information about a product or service
  • Bring the leaflet instore for a free item or to try out a service.

Now that you have included a Call to Action to encourage further consumer participation! You’ll need to monitor the response from the campaign. So, whether you have delivered leaflets via a solus door to door distribution, trade show or through your own business premises, record the response and calculate your ROI. Always remember the hidden responses that come with a leaflet campaign, such as Google analytics, brand awareness, social media traffic and word of mouth.

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