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May 6, 2014

Client Knows Best: Think like the customer to create a successful campaign

Leaflet distribution campaigns have been a highly regarded form of advertising for many years. Despite the existence of modern advertising that is now deemed as the future of marketing, marketers admit that leaflet distribution is still one of the most effective forms of marketing to date. Similar to any other form of large-scale marketing, leaflets reach an extensively large target audience; this is what makes them popular among business owners.

However, not every leaflet distribution campaign is effective as business people still fail to grasp the basics behind devising an effective campaign. As a company that specialises in leaflet distribution, we at Direct Letterbox Marketing will use this blog to talk about the reasons why some campaigns simply do not have any impact on the public.

When planning a leaflet campaign it is essential that you think from the customers’ perspective. Think about the customer’s first impression upon setting sight on the leaflet as it falls through the letterbox or lies in the doorway. There are two kinds of leaflets: One that instantly grabs the recipient’s attention and persuades them to keep hold of it or a simply dull flyer that goes straight in the bin.

Colour and information layout are the secret ingredient towards those critical first few seconds between the recipient looking at the leaflet and making their decision about it. One of our very informative previous blogs talks about the brilliance of colour in detail. Apart from colour and layout, effective targeting highly influences success.

Again, think like your target audience! For example, if you advertising home appliances, targeting a young student dominated residence might not be as effective as target a high-density area that is more family orientated. If your leaflet is not relevant to the customer, it is likely that it will go in the bin straight away.

As simple as the concept of leaflet distribution seems, it is in fact complicated and this is why many business people struggle to get results from their campaigns. If you are in this position, contact companies like us at Direct Letterbox Marketing, as we are a company specialising in many aspects of leaflet distribution. Contact us today on 0800 028 6353 and speak to one of our highly skilled employees who will be able to guide you through the necessary steps towards a winning campaign!

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