Leaflet Distributions – do them right!

Leaflet distributions could be the best thing for your business but you have to do them right.

I talk to lots of business owners on a daily basis regarding leaflet distributions and views are mixed.  Those who have done them right love them and continue to do them, those who haven’t vow never to do them again.

So where do companies go wrong?

You have to take into consideration that developing an effective leaflet distribution campaign requires a lot of know-how in a wide variety of disciplines.  These include audience targeting, choosing the right distribution channel and the format and message of your leaflet.

To avoid common leafleting mistakes we recommend working with companies like ourselves, who are experts in the field and as much as you do, want to maximise the return from the campaign.

Below are my views on what makes a good leaflet distribution campaign:

Make your message clear

There is a story about a billboard media exec that I  heard many years ago who would ask his design team to walk past his office holding up the design on an A4 piece of paper.  His view was that if he could not understand the message  or what the product or service on offer was, then the design was wrong.  This is true for leaflet distribution as well.  Think about yourself and the last time you picked up a leaflet from your door mat, you only probably had 2 to 3 seconds maximum to absorb the information on the leaflet.

Size matters in Leaflet Distribution but bigger is not always better.

The standard and most common leaflet size is a single sheet A5 and there are good reasons for that.  They are one of the most cost effective sizes to print, they fit through 99% of all letterboxes without being folded and traditionally that is what people have always done.  Rear Admiral Grace Hopper once said “The most dangerous phrase in the language is, We’ve always done it this way. ”  Let me put a different spin on it, in a market where households are getting multiple leaflets through their door weekly, do you want to be like the others, or do you want to stand out?  A simple change such as the weight of the paper or the shape of the leaflet could make a huge difference to your response rates.  One final tip is always make sure that your message is on both size of the leaflet.  I still get multiple leaflets through more door where the business has only printed on one side of the leaflet.  Yes it’s slightly (and I mean slightly) cheaper but what if the leaflet is faced down on the doormat?  your 2 to 3 seconds have just turned into 0.

Audience is Key

There are very few companies who can say that their products and or services are relevant to ‘every’ household.  Your business is important to you and I believe that sometimes less is more.  There are a lot of distribution companies out there who will offer a blanket service by telling you “I will get your leaflet out to everyone in your town”.  This may sound all well and good but think about it, is everyone right for your product or service?  Yes, there is an argument as to ‘well they may not have a need, but they may know someone who does’ but the truth is, that we, as consumers are less likely to pay attention to something if its not of relevance to us.  My advice would always be to look at your leaflet distribution numbers and think about only choosing only those who you want to talk to, spend the savings on a better quality leaflet.  This may sound simple, but the reality is that there are a lot of leaflet distribution companies out there that do not offer the audience finding service.  Here at DLM we have the benefit of using demographic insights which allows us to find the people that you want to talk to.

These mistakes, though common, can make a large difference in your ROI for a leaflet campaign.

For more information on how to design a leaflet distribution campaign that will capture your target market, please contact us today

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