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Lucy Scott

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Sep 25, 2020

Effectiveness of a door drop

2020 definitely has been a strange year! Our lives have become somewhat isolated and the homes that we live in have been transformed into classrooms, offices and entertainment hubs, which consequently puts strains on not just our patience and our resistance to snack - but our internet speeds and how much we depend on a reliable and quick internet connection, has become more apparent.

I recently received a laptop-shaped leaflet through my door - which instantly got my attention, as it’s not every day you get a dye cut leaflet. This laptop shaped leaflet is a real eye opener and received at a time when the nation is working hard from home, becoming more reliant on high internet speeds and a reliable connection. I was drawn to the message – make home the new hub! Which, for the last four months, I’ve been doing with a few challenges, especially when telling my kids to get off every other electronic device so I can improve my internet connection in order to make a conference call. The other big selling point is the “Order the fastest broadband in Britain today”!


I then turned the leaflet over, where the colourful theme continued and kept my attention. The tag line “work from home like a boss” sums up the leaflet perfectly as a fun creative, with a hint of youthfulness to it! The leaflet itself says very little in the way of narrative, but makes up the message with attractive packages and a short description of what the potential homeowner will receive. After reading the leaflet, I followed the link on the leaflet and read a little more into full fibre broadband. The leaflet mirrors the design on the website and provides continuity and bestows trust.

The door drop was extremely unique, printed on heavy silk stock and the dye cut image that gave a 3D appearance! All these elements would make for a costly production, but a fair price to pay for a door drop that will undoubtably get noticed by all those who receive the item.

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