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Excellent service & great value for money. Thank you for making our marketing project such a success!

Lucy Scott

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Hand to Hand Services

Partnering up with STREETPR, DLM are now able to offer you a unique and tailored hand-to-hand service on the streets of the UK for your marketing campaign.

Popular in major high streets, train stations and student accommodation, street marketing is the perfect way to hand out promotional leaflets, samples and getting your message across to potential customers; this is where our hand-to-hand services can help.

Hand-to-hand marketing is down to the power of the people. We believe that some people are naturally positive, driven and suited to this type of work. Our job is to find those superstars to help deliver efficient hand-to-hand services. We can then teach them about your brand, you campaign aims, core values and beliefs and send them out there to interact with your potential new customer.

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