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GPS Tracking

DLM work with some of the world’s leading carriers and can provide a bespoke solution that will deliver for businesses using reliant distribution logistics.

Whether you send documents, parcels, pallets or freight across the UK or import and export on an international scale, we can provide a reliable, convenient and cost-effective service, tailored to meet your needs. We offer free consultation to ensure the right distribution logistics are put in place.

Tracking GPS

We have three delivery methods for you to choose from when picking the perfect plan for your business:

GPS Tracked – All team members, including the supervisor, to carry a GPS tracker. You will be provided with login details to watch the distribution take place with a live GPS monitoring system. When the job is completed, we can provide a detailed map and document showing the roads covered.

Sample tracking – Providing our team leaders with trackers will provide you with a more accurate start time, the sector/area they are working in and when a job has been completed.

Back checked – Once our team have finished within a sector, the completed streets will be to an independent telephone research company for back checking. You can have full access to the results 7 days after the job has been completed. All options will be quoted on an individual basis.

Contact us today and discover how our global distribution logistics services can complement your business.

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