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Jul 11, 2013

Leaflet Distribution Marketing – How Less Leaflets Can Gain You More Interest.

In the past 5 years, leaflet distribution has decreased by a whopping 11%, equalling out to around 5 billion leaflets. Surprisingly, within the leaflet industry, this isn’t harmful, as this article in The Journal points out that the same amount of money is still be invested by clients into the industry thanks to companies such as ourselves using a process called selective distribution. This means that instead of literally wasting money, time and energy on distributing leaflets to audiences without interest in a particular product and/or service, it is our job to get your marketing material to the people most likely to have an interest in your business sector and the products and/services you operate with. Targeting a specific type of customer or particular demographic ensures that a leaflet marketing campaign will be more efficient and relevant to your company, resulting in a more successful outcome overall. The effects in the future of this new way of leaflet distributing means people are less likely to think of the leaflets that come through their door as ‘junk mail’ as the content product/service will be ideally catered to their interests/needs.

If you are interested in distributing leaflets for your marketing campaign then contact us here at  Direct Letterbox Marketing to begin tailoring your leaflet distribution to boost sales. As a more direct audience campaign, we can supply you with a customer orientated door to door distribution service, resulting in 80% of already on board customers choosing to use our services again and again. By refining your campaign and not distributing leaflets to just anyone on of the public, over time you may find that this process in fact attracts additional interest from people outside of your original target audience.

So, contact us today, and we can start to get the right message to the right people.

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