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Excellent service & great value for money. Thank you for making our marketing project such a success!

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Leaflet Distribution & Leaflet Delivery In Manchester

Do you have a business in Manchester, in need of an extra publicity boost? Are you setting up a new business and need to tell the right people? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer a professional and effective leaflet distribution service that gets your business noticed. Our staff have many years experience gained from within the distribution and publishing industries. We understand the importance of an effective leafleting campaign and can assist you with all your requirements. We offer a one-stop shop, from leaflet design & print through to the distribution of your leaflet, leaving you more time to take care of your business.

At Direct Letterbox Marketing we understand that you need value and return for the investment that you are making. If you have a particular type of Customer in mind, we can help you reach more of them with your marketing message. This has the effect of minimising waste while helping to maximise the return on the money you spend. We assess the areas that you are considering for distribution, to ensure the right areas of Manchester are targeted with deliveries. We do this using our demographic profiling software, identifying key characteristics of your desired audience to determine the areas in which higher than average concentrations of your target market reside. So for example, if you are selling bespoke conservatories, you may wish to target more affluent areas such as Didsbury, Chorlton and Worsley, but stay away from student areas such as Rushholme. Our targeted approach to helping you plan your campaign is methodical and extremely effective in helping to maximise efficiency and the return on your investment.

We believe we offer a truly outstanding service, from start to finish. From the initial planning stages right through to the execution of your campaign, Customer Service is at the heart of everything that we do. We will consult with you, if you require us to, to ensure deliveries are targeted to the right areas. If you need us to, we can assist with the design & print of your material. Once deliveries are underway, we adopt stringent quality control measures to ensure that deliveries are completed professionally and in a timely fashion and we keep in touch with you to update you on the progress of your distribution. For added peace of mind we arrange for the distribution to be audited by an Independent telephone back-checking company. They are specialists within our industry and they spot-check the areas delivered by speaking with members of the public by telephone, in order to validate distribution.

So whatever your marketing needs or however big your campaign, we have the expertise to undertake your distribution and deliver your message, ensuring your Business gets noticed by the right people in Manchester.

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