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May 15, 2014

Ethical Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts

In business, the process of advertisement is essentially an attempt to communicate a specific message to a targeted audience regarding products or services. The main aim in doing so is to raise product awareness and persuade the prospective buyers into purchasing what the advertising entity has on offer. There are different forms of advertising including the leaflet campaigns that we offer here at Direct Letterbox Marketing.

Advertising is undeniably an integral part of business and many, if not all businesses integrate marketing as a part of business strategy to boost long-term profitability. Since advertising is a very popular means of communication, there are regulations in place to ensure marketers adhere to ethical policies when devising their campaigns. Below are some guidelines surrounding company advertising.

Message Authenticity: The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the governing body that enforces the strict ethical regulations in the UK. According to the ASA, no advertising should be deceptive and marketers should be able to prove their claims. The message being communicated should be clear and concise to avoid misleading customers’ thoughts, as this will influence buying decisions.

Obscenity and Indecency: Yet again, this is another highly sensitive issue, especially with mass media advertising such as leaflet distribution, TV or the radio. You simply cannot post a flyer promoting indecency through a residential letterbox, as this is illegal. Marketers should honour social norms in order to avoid offending moral senses.

Audiences and Products: Particular products are disallowed on certain media. For example, cigarettes are banned from most of the media because as much as some individuals might enjoy indulging in them, they cause a great deal of harm. Targeting children with advertisement is also a very sensitive area as many children are not old enough to make judgements on what is being offered to them. Marketers are encouraged to target parents as they can make decisions on the children’s behalf.

No matter what type of advertising you are planning, it is important that you follow the guidelines set by the ASA to avoid any penalties for non-compliance. It is also a very good idea to use professional help and simply avoid the pressures of being caught on the wrong side of the law. If you need leaflet delivery and design services, contact us at Direct Letterbox Marketing as we have top quality services that can help you achieve a lot more beyond compliance!

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