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Excellent service & great value for money. Thank you for making our marketing project such a success!

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About Us

As one of the leading door-to-door distribution companies in the UK, Direct Letterbox Marketing offer a highly flexible and customer focused service to all our clients.

Based in the Midlands, Direct Letterbox Marketing is a specialist distribution company with a door-to-door delivery network covering the entire UK. We offer professional and reliable leaflet distribution, mailing fulfilment and hand-to-hand delivery.

Why choose Direct Letterbox Marketing?

DLM was born from an understanding that most business owners don't have time to implement their door drop marketing campaigns. Putting all the elements together for a marketing campaign can be a real headache and can cost a fortune. We take the time to understand your needs and your target audience and then structure your marketing efforts to get your business in front of the right people.

DLM have a strong track record of delivering results from integrated marketing campaigns. Previously working primarily in the door drop industry, we have expanded our services over the years to include design, print, mailing, branding, hand to hand and social media publishing. Now we are pulling all these separate services together into a single package, thus becoming your go to marketing department. We work closely with clients and provide mapping or demographics free of charge, which builds a more targeted campaign, delivering results and generating a better ROI.

Our customers include advertisers, publishers and advertising agencies – with over 60% of our weekly distributions generated through ‘repeat business’ or ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. Our existing clients continue to choose Direct Letterbox Marketing as our professional service and rigorous quality control measures ensure that the highest impact and response is generated from their marketing message.

DLM’s aim is to give clients complete peace of mind that each distribution will be carried out to the highest possible standards. As service leaders within the door drop industry, DLM also complete third-party independently conducted telephone research. This additional quality control measure is available on all solus distributions.

How Direct Letterbox Marketing monitor distribution:


DLM offer professional and thorough door drop distributions. Each team has a responsible team leader reporting to an area manager. Back checkers are also used to ensure that delivery is being conducted properly.


DLM provide regular updates and daily progress reports throughout each distribution.


DLM utilise a third-party, independent back-checking company to carry out calls into the areas of distributions once the drops are complete. They have the data to call residential addresses nationwide and they provide our company with a report showing the level of recall for your leaflet – this helps us to maintain the progress of our teams while also providing evidence of the distribution having gone ahead.

Why choose us?

1 Professional Service

2 Progress Reporting

3 Independently Audited